About La Casa Redonda

La Casa Redonda is located at Circular 72 #39A-32, which is super close to UPB in Laureles (see map below this post).

So, unfortunately, it’s not an actual round house. However, La Casa Redonda is a huge space with lots of mini-spaces to work, hang out, go to a workshop, do some yoga, take out your toolbox, dish out some graffiti, etc.

It is a three-story house with lots of little nooks for offices and working, and patios, a DJ stand, books, and the last floor is a hardwood floor large space that is used for meetings, yoga, dance, etc.

The place is so big that I could write a whole post just describing all the pieces that make it great, but I’m here to give you an overview.

La Casa Redonda

The third story of La Casa Redonda, where the April event will take place (photo: La Casa Redonda)

The Layout

I love that the house doesn’t feel like you’re cooped up in an office. The patios in the house, the plants scattered throughout, and sunlight that seeps into the workspaces make the place feel more comfortable.

The first level of the house has a conference room, three private offices: one in which I work, one in which we recently had visiting co-workers doing marketing and e-commerce strategies, a therapist, Fashion designers, a few bikes for the co-workers to use, a kitchen, an indoor patio, a living room, coworking desks and an indoor/outdoor workshop (for painting, woodwork, etc.).

The second floor has a few more private office spaces, several overlooking the patio with a mural, and finally, the third floor is the hardwood floor, studio space where they have Yoga a couple of times a month and has recently been adapted for their upcoming month-long event.


Work You’ll find at La Casa Redonda

Types of work going on in La Casa Redonda include:

  • Designers
  • Architects
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing
  • Journalists
  • Psychotherapy in English
  • The house dog, Tulio, being adorable

Juana Restrepo - Directora Ejecutiva - 316 3409383 -